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出慢 - is this slang?


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First episode of 小丸子, she and her sister have just played 包、剪,锤 and her sister won, so she says:


I can't find 出慢 in any dictionary and when I google it I get a bunch of stuff that doesn't help much.



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I don't think it is a set phrase/ slang. Consider it as a short form of 出(拳出得)慢, ie the sister waits till she has seen the other person's hand shape before making her own.

Also, it should be 賴皮.

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i am chinese from beijing,,no 出慢 in chinese,i have never heard it before,i understand it is move out slowly,if you speak 出慢 to chinese,then nobody will know it,forget it 

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Hi Rebecca, nice to see another native speaker give an answer! If you look at the other answers, you see that other posters think that in the context of that sentence, it means '出(拳出得)慢', because they are playing 猜拳. Did you see that answer, what do you think?

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I'm also a native speaker.“出慢” is not a slang.  In this certain context of the sentence, “出慢”is the abbreviation of “出拳出得慢了”. Without the certain context, "出慢"means nothing.

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