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Cool drawing of Taiwanese Society

Yang Chuanzhang

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Someone posted a cool drawing that shows the different types of people in Taiwanese society from the point of view of a member of the sunflower movement on my facebook wall a few days ago and I thought it would be nice to share it here. I'm sure it made the rounds on the internet and I'm not the only person who saw this.


I tried to translate it, but there are some parts I don't understand and some I'm not sure about. Does anyone know what the text below G, H, P or R means?


This is what I have so far:


A) "I wish I could say something"; Because of the current situation, this person doesn't dare to or isn't able to express his opinion.

B) The busy citizen who says: "Please listen to what I have to say"; The person who uses the internet to express a rational opinion, is busy like a bee [doing so], and uses it to tell his close friends his views.

C) The busy citizen who ??? everywhere; The person who [unlike B] goes outside where things are happening and supports [the movement].

D) The disobedient citizen; The person who stands in the first row and resists, the pioneer of the social movement.

E) The policeman who doesn't show any feelings; ???, standing in the first row resisting the citizens [who demonstrate], only following orders and enforcing the authority of the state.

F) Riot police; "A soft tap on the shoulder is all it takes to encourage people to disperse." Oh really? I think 齁 is used as an interjection here, like 哼]

G) ???; ???

H) ???; ???

[The next four people are all under the spell of what seems to be a TV set that projects a red cone of light with yellow stars onto them, presumably PRC propaganda. I and J have the symbol of the Kuomintang on their head.]

I) "It's better to obey" or "I love the motherland [probably referring to China]"; Although no one decides where he/she is born, but having lived with that injustice? for so many years, it's your own fault that you haven't gone back yet.

J) "Why don't you trust the government?"; A die-hard fan of the government, [he thinks] if you're not blue [a KMT supporter], you must be green [a supporter of the DPP], no way to explain [things to him].

K) "Always making a fuss", "Mob"; Everything that you [people of type K] take for granted was fought for by the "mob".

L) No reaction whatsoever; All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing, indifference leads to bad things.

M) Ignore all ??? in the outside world [real life]; Click here to stop following [current events, I think this is referring to webfeeds and facebook walls].

N) If there's money to be made, you have to make it; Businesspeople don't have a motherland, ??[something about how only profit is priceless to them]?? [This person's jacket shows the Taiwanese (or KMT?) flag on one half and the PRC flag on the other. He also has a rich-people's-mustache :D]

O) ???; The will of the people, what's that? Is it edible? He keeps saying: "Call me MP" [i think 跳針 is internet slang for "repeatedly saying something in a way that's irritating/annoying. Not sure about this, though]

P) ???; ???

R) ???; ???

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My knowledge of Taiwanese youth-culture 網友 language is scant, but:


G) 拎杯 from the 台語 for 你爸, but here I think it refers more to the "voice of authority". 超越憲法 refers to these "constitution-breaking guys". [方]仰寧 is Taipei's "Zhongzheng First Police Precinct Chief"; his role in protecting the Executive and Legislative Yuan evidently gives rise to the reference to these as his castles.


H) I'm guessing 四二二事件 refers to part of the 1989 protests, although I think it was part of the non-Beijing (it seems Xi'an and Nanchang were related). But in a Taiwan context I can't think why the other number wasn't used...? EDIT: It was the start of the Hu Yaobang memorial and so the first student march.

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打副本:according to google, 副本=instance dongeon (video game),打副本=go on a mission with your group alone in such a dungeon to slaughter some dragon. Here it means something like "to take up arms", or in a more accurate way according to the situation: "to demonstrate".


跳針:台灣國語for"結巴" , "to stutter".

"跳針跳針跳針跳針跳針叫我*什麼什麼*" is of course a reference to 姐姐


I'll take a look at the rest later.

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My Taiwanese friend just sent me this:


G: "I" have 200 thousand Likes on my facebook page The man predominates/surpasses the constitution, lives in Yang-Ning Castle. Here, 拎杯, is a vulgar/gangster/cocky/provocative term means I/me in Taiwanese, don't know the equivalent term in English. And the context was, from what I understand, when the students demonstrated in立法院decided to leave, some government spokesperson promised that the police would hold and wouldn't attack peacefully evacuating students, but the police did. The order was given by a precinct captain 方仰寧. After the conflict between police and students, demonstrators wanted an explain of the police's action. 方 hided for days, demonstrators were pissed. 方's facebook fan page was started by some pro-KMT/anti-太陽花 people to support the decision. H: as we discussed, I'm not sure what 四二二 refers to, but 中夭 is a sarcastic term of中天, which is a pro-china tv network in Taiwan including 中天電視、中視、中國時報. They have broadcasted many ridiculously distorted news (not only about politics but all and created/fixed fake news) My guess here is on the day of 22nd April, 中天電視台 didn't cover the story about 林義雄's hunger strike, instead, it broadcast many insignificant trivial stuff or editing distorted stories about 太陽花 or 林義雄. (not that i'm siding here, but it really is how they usually do it there at 中天)

O: 黨證is 國民黨黨證, you need to actually pay fee and join KMT to get one. 黨證好好用 refers to no matter what rights and wrongs you do, having a KMT membership means you'll always be right. (I'll elaborate if you want to know about what exactly happened) 跳針 literally means the skipping of a CD or a vinyl player, now it is used when politicians can't read the situation properly and therefore always say something blurry or irrelevant to dodge the questions/ignore the problems.

P: implies to 馬英九. See here https://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E6%9C%8D%E8%B2%BF%E8%81%B2%E8%81%B2%E5%82%AC-%E9%A6%AC%E8%8B%B1%E4%B9%9D%E5%8F%A3%E8%AA%A4-%E9%B9%BF%E8%8C%B8%E6%98%AF%E9%B9%BF%E8%80%B3%E6%9C%B5%E8%A3%A1%E9%9D%A2%E7%9A%84%E6%AF%9B-035627575.html After this, 馬 has been called in many different terms related to茸 e.g. 馬卡茸, which sounds similar to popular snack macaroon 馬卡龍

討拍拍 is usually 討拍, literally mean to ask for a tap on your shoulder, asking for consolation, but on the contrary to the word"安慰", 討拍 is a negative and sarcastic term.

天龍市/天龍國 = 台北市 the term derives from manga One Piece

R: refers to 金溥聰, nicknamed 金小刀. Many believe or at least joke about him being 馬英九's secret lover. (because they seem to be very close friends)

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