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My name in cantonese?


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Hi , I'm learning Mandarin about 6 months . Right now im studying in  Tianjin  :lol: And i'm planing about study in china again . But i want  to learn Cantonese too . Actually i like Southern china ( 南方) specially Guangzhou . but my Mandarin is still not so good but i really wanna learn cantonese . And i started learning few days ago and really HARD  :shock: but Anyway i decided to learn by myself  8)  And my chinese( Mandarin ) name is 若昕( Ruoxin ) my teacher gave me , and i just figured out that my name will be in different pronunciation in cantonese . 若昕(je5jan1) pronounced yeyan?? but i'm not sure about this and how to pronounce my name in cantonese?  but this name feels like not Cantonese ( 广东话,粤语) name. i want Cantonese sounds good and unusual name. Please recommend me some Cantonese name ( with Hanzi) thanks  :help  :D

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@skylee thanks , i searched 昕 on cantodic but there was no result so i'm little bit confuced , and i still not sure bout pronounce , writes like Jeok Jan ? read as yeok yan? and i want use my instagram name as my canto name? so it will be ( e.g jeokyan07 or yeokyan07 ) like this??? 

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In Jyutping (which is one of the ways to romanise Cantonese), 若昕 is Joek Jan. In Hong Kong, the name would be romanised as Yeuk Yan.

As to the pronunciation, you could refer to the sound files of the following webpages -

joek6 - http://humanum.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/lexi-can/search.php?q=%ADY

jan1 - http://humanum.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/lexi-can/search.php?q=%A9%FD

You might also find this table of Cantonese syllables useful - http://humanum.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/lexi-can/syllables.htm

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