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Help with translation please

Guest Valenty

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Very difficult, can not translate:(((

  废穴  归元学  远功长


And here is some kind of construction, but I can not find the translation.

长相  想要人家不认

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万气自生 剑冲废穴 归元武学 宗远功长

This is not "normal" Chinese, it's written to resemble classical writing. I had to look it up and apparently, it's from a Hong Kong comic named 风云, and these are the opening words of a fictional martial arts manual which describes a high-level sword technique called 万剑归宗.

Does this help? Or this?

Is the second sentence complete? Do you have context?

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Thanks for the help in the first text, this is exactly. But I need a translation of the text itself, at least approximately. I understand that there is an allegory and I can not grasp the meaning.

The second sentence is separately. I translated it is: With this appearance, other people do not know you pretty hard.
But I still want an accurate translation.

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The second sentence means "With that appearance of yours, you can't expect people not to recognise you".

The poem is difficult to understand, difficult to translate, and open to interpretation. You could translate it in thousand different ways, depending on how you interpret each character. Here's my best attempt:

Thousand breaths spring to life

Sword pierces pressure point

Return to the original martial art

????????? <- Absolutely no clue whatsoever

My girlfriend doesn't understand the meaning either, and she's a native speaker.

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This will depend a lot on the context. 中了咒语 depends on whether the 咒语 is good or bad. It could be 'struck by a spell' (usually positive) or 'cursed' (always negative). 我才会如此 could be 'that I could do that' or 'that I could be like that' depending on what 如此 is.

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Another question. How translate this?



This part "我还以为你遇到了什么困难" I translated as "I thought you were faced with some difficulties," but the other part caused difficulty.
Only this piece "有感而发" I think translates as "say what I feel," but in the context of the sentence I can not affix.

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