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Formatting for thesis in mainland China using Papers for mac


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I am figuring someone else out there has had this problem, so here goes...

I am writing my thesis in Chinese. I have to have a certain format for my references/参考文献。 It looks like this:


Q.S. Liu,T. Zheng,P. Wang,et al. Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from bamboo by microwave-induced phosphoric acid activation[J]. Industrial Crops and Products,2010,31(2):233-238.


And a citation looks like this:



If you are unfamiliar with the [J] part, see this page on Baidu


I am using Papers, a program like Endnote to keep track of all my papers and automatically generate my references. And in Papers, when you generate the references list, it asks you which journal's format you want to use, like if you want to use the same format as Science, or Nature, or the Journal of Basic Microbiology, you can simply choose it and the references are automatically listed with that journal's style.


So my question is- WHICH JOURNAL USES THIS #$%^&^ FORMAT/STYLE? Papers' database has over 4,000 journals.


So far, I have gone through and added [J], [M], etc to the end of my article titles, so they have that part. 


And Blood (its the name of the journal) is really close:

Sasaki T, Becker DV, Janssen MA, Neel R. Does greater product information actually inform consumer decisions? The relationship between product information quantity and diversity of consumer decisions. Journal of Economic Psychology. 2011;32(3):391–398. 


Except the periods in the name abbreviations, spacing near the end, etc., this format is basically right. Oh, and the citations are wrong- they are like this


So my question is- can anyone tell me which journal's format to use?


Thank you for reading this.


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Not exactly quite sure what you are looking for, but what I did was. I went to that 百度知道 page you provided and searched 《文献类型与文献载体代码》on Baidu again.


In the search result, i soon found this document that had a few references where it used you format. It those references each pointed to a different publishing source.


I thought maybe that those sources might use the same reference formatting, you should using your said program and see if those publishings are in it. I never used the program so I am not sure what to expect. But regardless, these leads should be a good place to start.

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The references at the bottom of are examples of the way that style should be used for different types of media, i.e. journal articles, newspapers articles, academic reports, etc.


The journals do not necessarily use that format.


THank you for pointing out that document, though. It may come in handy.

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So my question is- can anyone tell me which journal's format to use?


I believe you might mean the reference format options (some are journals but not all). Here is a good place to start reviewing the different formats. I can't recall whether the one you present looks more like the MLA or Chicago reference format style. Once you find the closest reference style you can review to confirm the citation styles. I am not certain whether you can build out a custom reference/citation formats but you might want to try searching the Papers knowledge base for that functionality. I'm using Papers 3.0 (3.0.27) on the Mac.



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