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New Short Story for 2014 "Chinese Ghost Story"


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I have finally sorted out a couple of stories for us to be going on with while Meng lelan is away.


I think these are suitable for upper beginner lower intermediate, so maybe a bit of a challenge but not too difficult.


The first one I will post is the shorter of the two, just get us back in the swing of things and is entitled Chinese Ghost Story.


Later in the week I will try and post some more about it.


Good reading and I hope its enjoyable.


Any contributions, word lists etc would be greatly appreciated.






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I don't know the author, because the way I found it was to search the web for short stories in Chinese.


I choose it because it didn't have an author that I could find and so I hoped it was public domain.


I checked with Chinese text analyser the level it was at. Also it it seemed interesting.

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Thanks for digging this up. Using it to search the web,I found a few more of these (type and level) grouped with yours titled 七个让人睡不着的爆笑小故事 here:

Some vocab I found interesting: (corrections to my glosses are more than welcome)
站牌 bus stop (stop, sign)
偏僻,偏远 remote, far-away
荒凉 bleak and desolate
拦车 flag down a bus
诡异 strange, weird (similar to 奇怪)
替死过 scapegoat,fall guy
大喊大叫 shout and scream
站稳 stand firm (standing and staying steady)
露出 expose, reveal, show

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I updated/corrected the link. See if it works for you.



FWIW, so far I noticed two differences/errors/typos in the attached link. 

1. your version used 指一指 to clarify who the "他们" that the 那个女人 was talking about; the link uses 比一比. The latter doesn't seem to apply but I am not an expert.

2. in 第二个故事, 的 instead of 地 is used. (find Waldo!).

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I've just read the ghost story, I enjoyed it a lot! It's short, easy, and it caught my attention and scared me! I must have a look at SiMaKe's link and read the other stories. Thanks for suggesting it!

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