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meaning 热力散播


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To me, that says "heat transfer", but I have no idea whether it is by conduction (热传导), convection (热对流), or radiation (热辐射).  

However, I agree with #2 that more context would be helpful, as the phrase in question is merely a topic mentioned in the sentence.


It could even be a figurative reference.

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This is one of the few examples of this construction I could find on google. And it's also the context we want.


Could it be "heat transfer", like #3 suggests, and more precisely about the warmth we get from stars?


Another example that I found on google:



Looks like it can be translated as "warm up/heat up" in some contexts.

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(I edited, sorry). I think it might be about the nuclear fusion reactions that occur in stars and the warmth that they produce, given the presence of 原子, 外殼 and 紫外線. I can think of no other possible meaning.

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It's the name of a class taught by a lecturer (Bill Nathan(?) or similar).


热力学 is thermodynamics, so my guess for the name of the class would be Thermodynamic Something - maybe Scattering,  or Dissipation, or similar.


So, the previous sentence, student A says something like Professor Bill is the best, and then Student B says, it's just a pity he teaches Thermodynamics, because I don't have the head for that.

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