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Chinese movies with Pinyin subtitles?


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The only site I know of with something like that is http://learn-chinese-from-movies.com/ , but they're fairly pricey. On the upside though they include the pinyin, word for word transcription and flashcards to work from.


If you don't mind shorter clips, I believe that Fluentu.com also has something fairly similar, but it only works with their videos and you're stuck streaming.


Otherwise, you're probably going to have to go hunting through fan made subtitles as I don't believe that Pinyin is ever and option for commercial DVDs.


EDIT: Not sure why that first link isn't loading right now. It seems to have intermittent problems like that.

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I'm pretty sure they don't exist "in the wild" (i.e. if you want subtitles, you have to choose a language; if you choose English you get the Latin alphabet, if you choose Chinese you get Chinese). However, materials specifically aimed at learners may have this function; for example, I believe FluentU provides this functionality on their videos. See here for the forum thread on FluentU - unfortunately it starts off with a rant which doesn't seem to be representative of the experience of most other users who replied, but you can browse through and judge for yourself.

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