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Chinese sayings for the workplace


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To me, I hardly hear the second saying, 摸著石頭過河, in daily conversation.

But the rest of saying is common for sure.


As for the fourth one, I thought this version "不管黑貓白貓,能抓老鼠的就是好貓" is more common in Taiwan.

I think "提" is a typo. I usually use "捉" or "抓" which means "catch."

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Well, if you're liking your Deng quotes, I bet there are plenty of opportunities to tell people to 多干实事、少说空话 .


I was going to correct you and say the cat quote was from the Southern Tour, but Wikipedia traces it back to '61. 

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抛砖引玉 - love the mixture of self-deprecation and hopeful vicarious aggrandisement that this expression implies. Best accompanied by a dash of 只 and 而已 in my opinion. Has a lot more taste than the equivalent "[just] putting it out there".

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Hi I'm new to the forum and wonder if someone can help.  I'm trying to see if there is a 成语 equivalent for the English saying "admission by omission"?  Admission by omission means that by specifically not saying something you are admitting something else.  E.g. if someone cooks a meal for you and and asks you "how was the steak"? and you reply with "the vegetables were incredible!" then the inferred meaning is that you did not enjoy the steak. By omitting to address the question directly you are admitting to not liking something.  It is usually used in reference to something negative which you don't want to say - so you omit talking directly about it.  Thanks for any help you can give!

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Wondering if anyone can help me bring to mind a saying that has escaped me - it's for when you're asking someone to take up a position, but to make it more polite it's something like inviting someone to stoop to accept a low post? Any ideas?

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