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生活启示录 (Intermediate - Subs needed!)


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I recently started watching the show 生活启示录 - 


It is a fairly typical Asian style romantic drama, with extra marital affairs and building romance between couples. Reasonable interesting if you haven't seen too many of this kind (I haven't). It's not outstanding, but it has good quality video and subtitles, and the speech comes at a reasonable pace so it should be good for intermediate learners. I think it could be good for listening practice. 


Maybe it is because of recent improvements, but it is the first show I've watched where I understood a good 70% of the dialogue, so I think it could be useful for building upon what you already have and easy viewing. Please give it a try.


Secondly - does anyone know where I might get downloadable subtitles/transcripts? I've had a look around the internets, baidu shooter.cn etc but couldn't find any. If you know of another good source for this or where the show subs themselves are it would be really helpful. Would be really great if I could properly study this and get through the series for some listening practice and learning new expressions etc.

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Do you have a link to where you're watching it onilne? If you are watching it online. 


On subtitles - take a unique phrase from the show ("Xiao Zhang, put down the gun or I'm going to tell Chen Hui you sabotaged the deal with Starlight Corp," rather than "Hi darling, I'm home") and put it into Google. If the subtitles are out there, that should find them.


Thanks for posting about it. 

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