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Radio listening


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At school, they have TV's that are tuned in to what I think is the CCP news broadcast, and it says for radio, tune into channel 89.3 or something like that. I tried and get no reception, do I need some sort of super powered antenna to do so? :wall

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Sounds like an FM frequency - you'd need to be in line of site of the transmitter, more or less, and something tells me the CCP don't have any transmitters in Ohio. . .

Hmm.. well, like I said, the University has some sort of Chinese news feed that comes in, that they say "tune in to so & so to listen" and it looks like some sort of formal news broadcast :conf

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Many thanks to Wushijiao for the links to CRI's homepage. Sadly, though, I am not literate in the language and cannot read the characters in order to get to the audios.

To expand on my necessarily brief profile, the study of languages has always been a favorite pasttime. Now retired, I have much time to devote to learning enough of several languages to at least minimally converse with persons in our community from China, the Phillipines, Mexico, and Cambodia. For myself, there is a personal pleasure in exchanging greetings with new Americans or visitors from outside our borders. It is the only way I know of to combat the "Ugly American" syndrome some might have.

Back to the radio issue. Could someone be good enough to share with me how I can access radio programs in Chinese. I need the spoken language in the background to attune my ear to those elusive nuances of sound the caucasian never learns to hear in early years.

Many thanks to all who can help. And many thanks to all who give so much of their time to make this forum an obviously valuable tool in learning the Chinese language.

Best regards.........Will Abrahams

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If you use this link:


Just click on the first thing underneath the clock. 普通话 (Putonghua/ Mandarin).

Then from there, just click on whichever broadcast you want. The most recent ones are at the top.

I'm pretty sure the BBC also has radio broadcast on-line in Chinese, which might be, um, a bit more trustworthy. :wink:

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The opening strains of music are stirring. Now to find a Chinese music station. So I thank you for the help.

Regards.........Will Abrahams

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