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Teaching position in China through agency


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I've got a job offer to teach English in Guangzhou, these are the details:



·         Teaching at a middle school

·         Students age: 12 – 15 years old

·         16 classes per week

·         Working Monday – Friday with weekend off

·         Free accommodation provided

·         Salary: 6,000RMB per month

·         4,000RMB reimbursed for your flight ticket from China to home after completion of the contract

·         400 – 600 RMB bonus each month based on performance

·         Start Date: September 2014

·         Contract Length: 12 months.


Anyone who has travelled to china through an agency? My only fear its whether or not it is a reliable way to work in China.



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I know a fair good number of people who came to China through an agency. It can be a "reliable way" but it depends how reliable the agency is.

I think it can make a difference if it's a western based agency (a teach abroad type of deal) or a Chinese one. Which is yours?

Also, what are your impressions of who you deal with? Do they give you any reason to doubt them? Do things seem too good or do they gloss over your questions?

You should ask to contact a teacher currently working at the school and, ideally, one that has just left. If any school or recruiter has a problem with this then it should make you think twice about working there. That way, you can confirm what the recruiter has told you by asking that teacher.

I would also recommend getting the exact location of the school and the apartment. If not the address, then the district. That way, you can see exactly where you would be living. Is it a convenient location? Is it in the centre of the city or actually 2 hours by bus outside of the city? Etc etc

How do they measure your performance? I'm just curious on that one...

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