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Homestay or campus dormitory in Hangzhou?


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Im new in this, so sorry If I made some mistake...


Well , Im planning to study mandarin at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, so Im looking for for some accommodation options. I was thinking in take the option of homestay for all the immersion side and the homemade food (I think it's more traditional).

But still dont know if its convenient for the cost of the transportation and the rent. 

I would like to know your opinion and you advise based on your experience.

Thanks! :lol:  


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Hi JorgeChau,


I am also joining in Zhejiang University for 1 year chinese course  starting this September.


As far as I have spoken to some of my friends who are presently studying in Hangzhou, I got to know that both homestay and hostel are good only. But for the cost you are paying for homestay you can expect more than what you can get in hostel. Homestay shall help you communicate more with chinese people and when you take public transport you get chances to practice the language. Also one main advantage in homestay is that you have a kitchen and you can cook your food. 


Hostel is more comfortable but you cant have your food cooked. If you can adjust to the local food, you can opt for hostel. 


These information are the ones shared to me by my friends. 


Hope it may be of any help!

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While I was studying in Dalian, it was somewhat obvious which students were home staying and which were staying in a hostel. The students who were living with a family had better communication skills in the language and had a better knowledge of general chinese culture. In the hostel, there was too much temptation to find the other students who spoke the same mother tongue as you and communicate that way.

I am studying in Guangzhou next year and have already decided that the benefits of living with a homestay would be very good for me.

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hey everybody :)


When I read you, I prefer choose a Homestay but how do you find it ? And how much is it ? And could explain more what is a homestay please ? You are in a family ? Or something like an inn ?? I certainly go in the Hangzhou University next July.


Thank you for your help

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