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Looking for university in Shanghai-With Specific Requirements


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Hello everybody,


I would like to call on the huge knowledge of this forum in helping me to determine where to study Mandarin for a year.



What matters to me:


I would like the university's campus to be in Pudong, or at least accessible with Line 2.

Ideally, I would have the opportunity to not only take part in my Chinese classes, but also in other regular courses.

Attendance is not a must. Passing a course only requires me to pass the test at the end. (Important)

Being able to handwrite characters is not required. (Important)

At least decent quality of education.


Thank you very much for your time folks, hope my information was sufficient to provide me with a good recommendation.

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"Attendance is not a must. Passing a course only requires me to pass the test at the end. (Important)

Being able to handwrite characters is not required. (Important)"


I would not want to encourage this type of behavior.


Maybe I am not the only one, hence the lack of replies.

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It is unlikely that you will find a university with such criteria, because most/all universities require handwriting characters, and a decent quality of education is generally understood to mean that attendance is required so that some students don't fall behind and drag down the level and speed of the whole class.


That said, as a paying foreign student, you can undoubtedly find a university that will allow you to register for language classes and audit general classes [edit] and generally not care about whether you attend [end edit]. I'm just not sure what kind of completion certificate you expect to receive. Do you expect to be able to earn a degree in China, or transfer credits overseas, or what?

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Thank you for your replies guys. 


I guess I should clarify some things. 


I see that a student who does not attend classes may not be seen as serious by many here. In my home country Germany, however, universities in general do not check attendance and only require students to pass the exams at the end of the term. To me, this seems like a fair system since it allows students to learn independently, if they wish to do so. Therefore I do not consider not attending classes as bad behaviour. 


@edelweis: This would be indeed the latter one, to be able to transfer credits overseas.  


Anyway, if there are no universities which meet the last two criteria, maybe someone could kindly point out universities in Pudong. Thank you again

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I wouldn't count on automatic credit transfer, you'll have to check with your home university what their criteria are for credits earned in China. For instance your home uni may have a student exchange program with specific universities in China so they would already have some experience evaluating specific courses from those universities. Else you should check well in advance what documents will they ask you to provide in order to evaluate the coursework and your grade.


I never set foot in Shanghai. You can find some Chinese universities on websites such as www.cucas.edu.cn which is a commercial website but has interesting information.

For instance, in "Find a Program", "Chinese program", "Long term (semester)", "shanghai", you get a list of Chinese programs and universities.

Then you could use google maps to have a look at where the universities are located, and you can display the metro lines too.


Lastly when you have found a university you are interested in, you can do a search on Chinese-forums to check whether there is already a thread about it...

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