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Chinese (native) language podcast collection


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I'm a big podcast fan and am always looking for a good podcasts to listen to on my commute to work.  I'm hoping we can get a summary of everyone's favorite Chinese native language podcasts. 


It would be great if we could do the following:

Podcast language - Chinese native content

Brief description of podcast content

Where to download


I'll start with one I listen to regularly:


新闻酸菜馆 - a podcast that comes out 1x per week.  Two hosts from mainland China. They cover a wide range of topics... from a entrepreneurial muffin baker in the mainland, forensic analysis as a profession in China, to how to 搭讪 with the opposite sex.  They will often have an expert guest on the show and go into discussion from there.  It is fun to listen to and keeps me engaged for the hour long episodes.


Can be downloaded on iTunes.  Can follow them on Weixin.  Just search 新闻酸菜馆 on both.

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Try the 优听 app (avail for iOS and Android) for a large number of podcasts. Can stream or download.

I mentioned it here:


Mandarin radio stations

I also mentioned a number of podcasts in that thread:

- 开卷八分钟 under the 财经时评 category (a short program about books)

- 从唐诗到元曲 under 文化杂谈

- 小凤直播室 under 文化杂谈 (a cultural interview program, kind of like Terry Gross of NPR)

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@gato - thanks.  I will definitely look into this.  Looks like there may be a large amount of material.  I'm at work now and can't download to check it out but will later.


Does it have ratings of the podcasts within (example: 1 star o 5 star ratings?).  Can they be downloaded or only streamed?

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+1 xin-wen-suan-cai-guan






​Typically, I will get a podcast transcripted once per week, and choose from one of the above.


+go to itunes, change your country to China, click on podcasts, look at what is hot/popular.

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I'm not a big fan of 新闻酸菜馆, I don't like the hosts that much. 


I'm currently looking for a dry and deep current affairs programme.


In the meantime I tend to listen to 冬吴相对论, though their 普通话 isn't perfect. Lots of tech, discussion and some book reviews.

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I listen to these two podcasts from Taiwan on a regular basis:


Weekly radio show from 臺中 (Taichung) about food. Each episode is roughly 30 min. Two male speakers, one is a radio host, the other is a food blogger. Most of the places they discuss are in 臺中. I've also heard interviews with chefs and restaurant owners, discussions about overseas food destinations, cookbooks, and home cooking. Don't listen on an empty stomach!



Covers social and political issues in Taiwan. A male host conducts an interview with a guest. It isn't updated on a specific schedule, but the episodes run more than an hour. Some of the earlier podcasts are recordings from open discussion meetings.


Both are also available on iTunes.

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I have recently been listening to 糖蒜女子脱口秀。The hosts, as the name suggests, are all female and they often have guests. The topics are light and pretty amusing at times. They all speak standard mandarin with varying degrees of erdehua.  

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Hito讀好書 : produced by the HitFM station in 宜蘭 in conjunction with 宜蘭誠品書店 (Eslite bookstore), a short discussion (less than 5 minutes) about a book, the speakers are a male DJ and a female representative from the bookstore.


上班族看台灣 : two male speakers discussing current events and issues in Taiwan, especially those pertaining to young workers.


哲思台灣 : discussion on a wide variety of philosophy topics, the host is a male speaker, the guests are academics and graduate students in philosophy.


These podcasts are also available on iTunes.

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