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Very quick bit of feedback request



31 members have voted

  1. 1. Quality of posts on the site in the last few weeks has been

    • improving
    • worsening
    • average

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As described in the poll question. No need to think about it too much, a quick instinctive response is fine. Comments welcome, but personally I'd rather you all went and started new topics than hung around here in meta-discussions about the site...

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I actually thought to myself, the other day, that there has been a lot of really good posting recently. Some of it probably as a direct result of you asking people for posts that would be good, but not all of it.

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Ok, that looks pretty positive. We've had some very good days in terms of post numbers, but quality is harder to measure*. But if 100% of people think it's improving or holding steady, I won't worry myself.


*I have started keeping track of the number of +ve / -ve reputation points given monthly though

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As it happens in the last few days, there have been some really interesting things going on in Chinese forums to the point that I made the decision to open and log on to the forums first thing in the morning and not log out till i went to bed because I found my self logging on several times a day to keep up with the new and interesting posts.


I have not done this before.


Definitely correlates with your poll :shock:

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