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Google releases new (free) Chinese Fonts


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Actually primarily an Adobe project, I believe.


They're pretty nice - better than the old Google open-source CJK font DroidSansFallback, not quite as pretty as top-flight commercial Hei fonts like FZLanTingHei or (the one we use in Pleco) XinGothic - and we've actually already added them as downloadable options for our next iOS update if people want to try them out, so you'll shortly be able to play with them in Pleco.


Their metrics seem to be bugged on Android at the moment, so attempting to use them on Android leaves you with giant gaps between lines, but this should hopefully be addressed soon.




It's close enough to XinGothic that we're actually thinking about piecing together rare characters not in XinGothic using it (since it's open-source and can therefore easily be remixed), so that you'll no longer have big ugly fallback Song-style characters in the middle of dictionary entries / character component breakdowns / etc.

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This is good news, it's been challenging at times finding decent fonts, especially for folks early on that can't read enough Chinese to be able to buy fonts off taobao. I hope they add the fonts to Android in the near future.


Those are rather nice. I'll have to see about installing them right now.

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I like their look and just now dowloaded the Simplifed bundle. They are stored in a temp folder and I have located it.


What do I do next to be able to use them in writing and reading Chinese text? (Windows 7 OS, Firefox browser, and I use MS Word to write Chinese documents.) Thanks.

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