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Postal system in China to overseas good/bad?


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just wondering what the post office system, speed and reliability wise is like when posting small parcels and EMS/Speedpost items from China (Im planning of going to Shenzhen) to the outside world? The only experience I have is when I sent a postcard from Beijing back to Australia in 1995, and it took 3 weeks to arrive. Can anyone give me an idea of the delivery times on small parcels and EMS parcels if anyone has shipped them? Also from what Ive read/seen online you are required to show the contents of the parcel before shipping? I wont be shipping any illegal items, but just curious if this "show us before you post" has caused any major hassles/delays etc? Appreciate any info anyone may have, thanks.

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No real problems mailing packages overseas from China. But remember that smaller post offices don't accept overseas parcels: you'll have to go to one of the larger branches. And if you go at the wrong time, the clerk authorized to do the customs inspection may not be on duty.

Chinese post offices offer good boxes and wrapping services.

Nonetheless, if you're in Shenzhen you might well find that parcels sent from Hong Kong would arrive more quickly.

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Nonetheless' date=' if you're in Shenzhen you might well find that parcels sent from Hong Kong would arrive more quickly.[/quote']

Hi, as I need to go to the post office at least once a day, and typically 5 - 20 small parcels on average, its just important I know how good/bad the service is :) You mention shipping via HK would arrive more quickly, do you know how that would be possible? As I would be living in SZ and Im not shipping via DHL/UPS/Fedex etc, just the standart post/EMS service. I do know HK post also offers this service but just not sure how I could post via HK when Im in SZ. Sorry for all the questions :) But the postal system is pretty much the make or break issue on wether or not I move to SZ. Im currently in TW at the moment.

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I suggested Hong Kong assuming you were making just a mailing or two, not starting a mail-order business in Shenzhen.

There's no question that mail gets out of Hong Kong fast: the post office is very efficient and there's a large international airport in Hong Kong with flights about everywhere. Remember that you don't have to head into urban Hong Kong to reach a post office: just take the KCR to the first stop at Sheung Shui.

I have no idea where mail from Shenzhen gets put on a plane out of China, but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes the train to Beijing first. I've only mailed a few packages from China: they've arrived but not with great speed.

As to whether you'd be wise to set up a business in Shenzhen that depends on the Chinese post office, perhaps others have some experience. I suspect that if there're problems with a shipment and you need to collect insurance, Chinese bureaucracy will not make life easy for you.

There may well be mailing services in Shenzhen that will post packages from Hong Kong for you.

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