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convenient 'for' you


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This is my first post.

I am unsure how best to convey the idea of 'for' in Mandarin.

If I was wanting to say something like 'This bus is convenient for tourists', would I use something like 为了?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you. 

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If you want to use "为了" perhaps you can formulate it in this way: 为了方便游客们可以乘坐公交车, "For their convenience, tourists/travellers can take the public bus". Or "班车" if it's a shuttle bus.

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The correct answer(or should I say, a correct answer), would be to use the word 對. Remember though, Chinese is not English, and depending on the situation "for" in Chinese could be many different things, so my advice is to thing in Chinese as much as possible and not to try thinking in English, trust me, it works!

For the example you made, the correct Chinese would be "這輛公車對旅客很方便。"Again, I want to emphasize that you can say things tons of different ways in Chinese. For example, you could also say "這輛車攔旅客很方便。"A big part of that just depends on your personality and how you develop as a Chinese speaker. Don't be afraid to experiment, learn as much as possible, but don't try to force it either.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any clarifications!

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