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What is ' 具体 ' here? apply to?? 'specify' in the sense of direct, guide?? define?? Dictionary only gives specific or concrete. 在百度也找不到。


它可以..具体到 我们..日常生活的..方方面面, 垃圾回收就是其中之一。

It can apply to our daily life (all) aspects

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Yep, that's the sentence, nothing missing. I put the text title and first sentence to give you a feeling for the context.


I think in 提倡低碳环保,最重要的是把它变成一种行为习惯、一种生活方式。


行为关系、生活方式 are not concrete things, but 具体 is quite literally 'have body', is real and solid in its meaning. 它 refers to '低碳环保‘ ’concretes' our lives, that is 'has concrete, real, solid, tangible applications' in our lives, so I am interpreting it so:


它可以..[具体]到 我们..日常生活的..方方面面, 垃圾回收就是其中之一。

It can [have concrete applications] to our daily life many aspects, waste recycling is among these one.


It can have concrete applications for many aspects of our daily lives, waste recycling is one among these.



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I forgot to say, the ..... I put in just to break up the words. It is not always easy to know which characters belong together, not for me anyway. Hope I got it right!


What about my English sentence, does it catch the meaning of the Chinese sentence correctly???


In Hongkong you speak 粤语 I believe. That's Chinese enough for me! My girlfriend comes from 江苏泰州。泰州话 is something else!

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Pleco's Oxford Chinese Dictionary C-E (abbreviated as OCC) has the following entry under 具体.


B. Verb


[used with 到] apply to




Reform must be implemented in every field.


I think then that a close translations could be:


它可以具体]到我们日常生活的方方面面, 垃圾回收就是其中之一。

It can apply to various aspects of our daily life, and waste recycling is indeed one of these.

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