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China's Ancient Culture: Another interesting course


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Was on the Coursera website for another reason this morning (starting "Classics of Chinese Humanities") and stumbled across a link which led to an offering by Peking University that looked interesting.  Title was "China's Ancient Culture."


This one is taught in Chinese by six different lecturers. Here's the link: https://www.coursera.org/course/pkuacc


I won't be taking it. Already have enough on my plate with the Harvard X China history course and the Chinese humanities course. Furthermore, doubt my Chinese would be adequate for the task.


Nonetheless, it might be of interest to more advanced learners.





课程拟分中华文化起源、宗法制度、行政区划制度、职官制度、科举制度,以及岁时节庆、婚丧嫁娶、烹调饮馔、居室园林、书籍形态等专题,介绍古代中国社会的 基本制度与总体特征,展现中国古代文化的独特风貌。帮助学员熟悉古代文化常识,理解与把握中国古代文化的总体特色,加深对历史与现实的认识。

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Thanks for the heads-up! That will definitely be useful for me since I'm starting my Chinese History Master's this month!


I have watched half the lecture videos for the 秦始皇 course on Coursera, it's excellent. The lecturer is one of the most engaging I've ever seen, Chinese or non-Chinese.

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Sounds like it would be a good fit for you, @TooIronic. 


Things like this make me wish I had kept struggling with 书面语 instead of just being satisfied with daily living fluency. That would have opened other doors.

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