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So I thought I'd introduce my currently favourite Chinese anime series to all of you guys who may not have heard of it.

This series started off as a 腾讯漫画, just like 尸兄 and then got its animated adaptation, with fairly minor changes as far as I can tell.


The background story goes like this: back in olden days ghosts and evil spirits were free to roam around at night in the darkness, but with most cities being lit up 24/7 the balance of yin and yang has been disturbed.

The prologue episode introduces our two main characters: a young blonde guy with a strange taste for costumes, 叶言. He is a 打更人, which in this anime means that he has soul banners with a 魂 character on them and when he needs help he just summons the spirits he has captured inside them, a lot like pokeballs really. He insists that the costumes he wears are purely for professional purposes, but when he puts on roles like "the lonely mushroom" it's hard to believe that.


The other character is a supernatural young lady who is usually only referred to as 散仙, she can summon a sword out of thin air, has a very serious attitude and a bad temper. As for her appearance, she wears a kind of traditional-looking robe, which for some reason still fails to cover her underwear in many cases (one of the running gags of the series, the other one being pee jokes in every episode).


Needless to say these two don't get along very well, even though they have the common goal of protecting humans from evil spirits, but through different methods.

Also, the opening has a really catchy tune.




You can read the manga version here, as well as watch the anime if you're in China: http://ac.qq.com/Comic/comicInfo/id/519855


Or watch the series here if you're in 国外: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVrxagSQn9QuakMey1Zpmc1V_ygADRotU


I believe you can also find the 4th episode on Youtube by now but it's not on this playlist.



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