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Sentence from a news article


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I am having trouble parsing the sentence 主要是围绕执行八项规定,阐述了党风廉政建设的治标与治本的关键措施方法。 The context is this:

据消息人士透露,王岐山前日下午约3时到会后,经过几分钟的介绍后,便脱稿讲话,他滔滔不绝地讲到4时10分左右,然后又用40分钟回答与会政协常委共8 条问题。主要是围绕执行八项规定,阐述了党风廉政建设的治标与治本的关键措施方法。除被问到“打老虎”外,会上亦有常委问到,会否不追究十八大以前的贪污 行为呢?王岐山坚定回应“不行”,称须一视同仁,贪污就是贪污,一定要彻查。他又说“现在人人都有手机 ”,而贪官最怕曝光,要发挥群众和媒体监督的正能量。



I understand all the words, just not how they fit together. I think its the two 的s that have thrown me. Can anyone explain it? Are there two topics - 围绕执行八项规定 and 阐述了党风廉政建设的治标与治本的关键措施方法, or does 关键措施方法 refer to both? Or am I totally misunderstanding?

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This rewrite is not perfect but may be easier for you to understand.


据知情人透露,王岐山前日下午约3时到会,简短介绍后便开始长达近70分钟的长篇脱稿讲话,然后又用40分钟回答了与会政协常委共8 个问题。主要是以八项规定为根本,阐述了党风廉政问题治标治本之法。

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I think you're segmenting it incorrectly.


The first part is saying what this person's main (主要) talking points are centred on (围绕): 执行八项规定.


After the comma, we see exactly what those talking points were, the person 阐述了 the 关键措施方法 for 党风廉政建设的治标与治本.


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I recommend 明報 and 信報 and suggest you stay away from such trashy news articles. Out of the five sentences of the passage you quoted, four are poorly constructed.


据消息人士透露,王岐山前日下午约3时到会后,经过几分钟的介绍后,便脱稿讲话,他滔滔不绝地讲到4时10分左右,然后又用40分钟回答与会政协常委共8 条问题。







除被问到“打老虎”外会上亦有常委问到,会否不追究十八大以前的贪污 行为呢?






他又说“现在人人都有手机 ”,而贪官最怕曝光,要发挥群众和媒体监督的正能量。

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