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Dangdang switching to UPS & Mastercard limit


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Hi all,


it seems Dangdang has switched to UPS for deliveries to foreign addresses.


Has anyone tried it recently?

Anyone knows whether they still have a 500 yuan limit on Mastercard payments?

The problem is, at 130 yuan per parcel + 50 yuan per item, the UPS fees not only exceed the items price, the total ends up very high... like 500 yuan postage for a 300 yuan order = total 800 yuan.

So if I'm still limited to 500 yuan per order, I can't even buy many items at once to split that 130 yuan overhead around...

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thanks for the suggestion, I'm afraid the amazon shipping costs are similar or worse but they don't seem to have a limit for payment by international credit card (or I couldn't find it in the help). I need to think about it.


DHL North America and Europe 110 Yuan PER BOOK :shock:  / 35 yuan per CD/DVD

UPS North America and Europe
per shipment 140 Yuan
+ 70 Yuan per book
+ 25 Yuan per CD/DVD


Edit: actually perhaps it is a Sign From Above that I have enough books already.

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This change must be very recent, I placed an order last June and it didn't arrive until late August, almost three months, as usual. I guess by UPS it would have arrived sooner?


This year I had a bad experience with Dangdang, long story short: I placed an order in February, then after two months the order status changed (automatically?) to "delivered", but I hadn't received it yet. I didn't give it too much thought, but when the parcel finally arrived at Spain in May, it immediately went back to China, without nobody trying to deliver it to me. I never knew why, neither the Spanish post office or Dangdang could give me a reason for that. When I wrote to Dangdang, they told me I had to ask for a reimbursement, but I thought it was too much trouble and simply ordered again the books in June. When I saw in early August that the order status was again "delivered" I simply panicked (see here for evidence) and wrote to Dangdang again, in fear that the story would start all over. They said they would check some stuff, and one week later my order arrived :D


I had previously bought at Dangdang and everything had worked just fine, so I really don't know what happened. I don't have a Mastercard, so I can't tell you if the 500 yuan limit has been removed or not...

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thanks for the answer Geiko, they say 9-10 days with UPS now.

I searched the help on dangdang again, but could find no mention of the 500 yuan limit any more...


So, less waiting but more spending. I am still undecided about going through with it.

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