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Chinese name translation to Hokkien


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Can anyone help me with this name "龍翔" translation into HokKien?



Use the Choán-lâi choán-khì, 轉來轉去(转来转去), Taiwanese Minnan character/Romanization converter. I got JWAHN LWAIH JWAHN HEUIH from the Minnan Romanization even though I don't speak Hokkien and my native dialect is Taishanese which I find quite remarkable.   :)


It's a set phrase, so, this is kind of a play on words thing going on.   ;-0


Entering the Chinese characters on the right side. And after selecting the desired Romanization scheme, click the Choán lô-má-jī, 轉羅馬字(转罗马字), button and you get.




Be aware that most Chinese characters have more than one reading, so, this might not be correct. It would depend on what reading was desired.


According to the 台語線頂字典 online web dictionary, 龍 (dragon) has readings of liông, lêng, and gêng.


Are you in the Philippines? What do they commonly use for dragon there?




You're in luck with 翔. Only one reading, siông.


Hope this helps.



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I believe 龍翔 should be Liông-siông. (Actually, I have no idea how to read 翔, I am trusting the above post. But I know the 文讀 of 龍 is liông, so this is what it should be in names.)


(Not that you should trust my intuition at all, but siông sounds to me like 文讀, so it is likely to be the right reading.)

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On 10/10/2021 at 6:15 AM, Michaelng said:

Can anyone help

me with pronounce this name 邵深君 in hokkien? Thank you


邵深君 = Siō Sim-kun in the Taiwanese POJ romanisation.

If you desire a more Malaysian/Singaporean-friendly romanisation, Shio Shim-kun or even Shaw Shim-kun would be possible.


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On 1/16/2022 at 3:00 PM, Vinny1119 said:

Can someone provide the character for the Hokkien (Amoy) family name Chiong?


Depending on the tone, it could be:

- 章

- 鍾 (simplified: 钟)

- 蔣 (simplified: 蒋)


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On 2/5/2022 at 2:20 AM, Ega1 said:

Now i found it a little funny because my father name is 胡威建


So there is hokkien in our names

It's quite possible that your father, or whoever picked your name, did this on purpose! Cool thing to find out.

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  • New Members

hi i would like to ask for the hokkien version of my name “王其文”. if anyone can help out, it’d be really great :)

and also. my father’s name in roman indo version is “Ong Gien Liong” im aware of the meaning of “ong” and “liong” but the “gien” just confuses me

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On 4/29/2022 at 12:58 PM, hart said:



Ông Kî-bûn is the standard Taiwanese (Tai-lo) transliteration.


This would be pretty much the same in the transliteration schemes acceptable in Indonesia: Ong Ki-bun, although there might be a tendency to use different vowel letters for the spelling (e.g. Ong Kie-boen), with the Dutch influence in the orthography. As far as I know, modern Indonesia generally does not do this.



On 4/29/2022 at 12:58 PM, hart said:

Ong Gien Liong


We can only guess, but it's true that "gien" / "gian" is quite rare a sound.

Gien is most likely to be 言, possibly 彥 or 研; unlikely to be 癮, 妍 - these all have "gian" in different tones as pronunciations.

Liong could be one of many: 量、龍、良、隆、糧、亮、諒  and even 絨 ... best ask for more detail.

If you know the meanings, that will help a bit more.


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Requesting help to translate great grandfather’s name in Chinese characters.


He was originally from Gochung, Amoy China born approx 1865. Name is Go O Coy. An alternate name is Go Onung or Go O Choy. What would these names mean? 


another one is Tan Kang Hoy from Hock Chuan, Niatan, China. 

these are based on my grandfather’s writing and my interpretation of it so I might have gotten some letters wrong.


thank you so much 


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The above names were checked by an online phonetic conversion tool https://ctext.org/pinyin.pl?if=en&text=Gochung&from=tongyong&to=pinyin, but no results made sense. If you have pictures of the Chinese characters handwriting, it will be much easier to recognize.

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