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What's the difference between 我能怎么帮助你? and 我怎么能帮助你?


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All above answers are pretty good, and the first one is indeed straightforward:


我能怎么帮助你? - How can I help you? (I'm willing and I want to know how to help you) 


The second one is more ambiguous, and we can look at some examples here:


如果你自己不努力,我怎么能帮助你?(Like a parent to child) If you don't put effort into it, how could I help you?

你对我不理不睬,我怎么能帮你?You just ignore me completely, why would I help you?

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I think I understand now, thanks everyone.


So, 我能怎么帮助你? = How can I help you?


While, 我怎么能帮助你?= How could I help you? / Why would I help you? (rhetorical question)

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