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Please Help! Looking for Mandarin girlname surname 吴


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Hello there,


We`re a couple from Germany expecting our first baby girl in december this year.

I am looking for suggestions for a cheerful babygirl name in Chinese with surname Wu.

I `m of course looking for a name that goes well with our lastname,


Any suggestions are more than welcome!


Thank you in advance.

July and Rick



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Are you or the baby Chinese?


I am intrigued that you would like a Chinese name for baby born in Germany to 2 people with very English sounding  names.


Don't get me wrong, if its what you want go ahead.


But are you aware of the many difficulties and problems you can have by getting it wrong. What is the child going to think about having a Chinese name,


I think it is very interesting and it might help with suggestions to have a little more info, nothing personal or incriminating. :)

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No we are also Chinese Shelley that`s why.

If either or both of you has parents or family, do ask their opinion as well. Traditionally, Chinese families used 'generation names' where all children of the same generation had the same character in their name.

Apart from that: can you narrow it down a bit? What kind of name are you looking for? Any traits you'd like your daughter to have (pretty, brave, smart, what have you)? Any characters or components you like or dislike?

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Find this list on Baidu, also with Chinese explanation, but I don't know how to translate, you can Google them. All these words are good for girls, maybe you can combine two of them to be your girl's name. 

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Wow Ci Ci Burger,  thank you for this list. I really appreciate it. As I said my Chinese is not that good, so I will study it (put it in Google translate)  this evening. I will also ask my Chinese friends about the pronounciation.


@ Lu: I was thinking of the first fei, but I`m afraid my daughter will fly away.

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@July: She'll soar and reach great heights!

Although she'd also be 吴飞 -> 无非, not sure if that is unsuitable for a name or actually very cool. Do wait for input from a native speaker before deciding.

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