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Chinese interface design


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Hi, I was wondering what differences there are between Chinese interface design and the rest of the world (the west in particular). For instance, are different metaphors and symbols used to represent things? Do the chinese use terms like home and contact with icons of a houses and a phones to symbolise these? Are there any symbols that are not used in China or are not understood? Are there any differences in the way web pages are structured or designed? One thing I've noticed is that Chinese home pages seem to contain many more links than average. Would you say this was true, if so, why? Are there any other differences that you know of?

Any information from colours, to icons, to layouts, anything, however subtle would be very useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the response.

When I asked:

Do the chinese use terms like home and contact with icons of a houses and a phones to symbolise these?

it was intended as a really simplified example of the type of info I'm interested in.

What I'm really looking for is the stuff that only someone who speaks Chinese or understands the culture i.e. not me) would notice.

I suppose the question is directed at people who use both Western and Chinese web sites regularly and notice differences, or, interface or web designers who design for both markets.

If anyones got any info/input at all I would be most grateful.

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Just go look at Hong Kong corporate websites, most of them are dual language, English and Chinese, and the only difference really is just the language.

I don't think it is you know.

If you look at the large global brands (Nike, Coca-Cola, Mac Donald's, Glaxo Smith Kline) most have completely different sites for different countries (Even if the products are the same). This isn't done for the fun of designing different sites, it's done because different cultures interpret things differently and it's that different interpretation I'm interested in.

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