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How is the people of Hangzhou?


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I would to know this cause I'd like to be prepare when I speak with them. For example when I order food or asking directions, they will be friendly or rude.

I would like to read the opinion of the people that live, have lived  or know someone that live in Hangzhou. 


Thanks on advance! Hope you can help me!

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I lived in Hangzhou for a year so have a little experience. I'd say most people you come across will be pretty friendly.
Some people will be really interested in you because you are foreign, others won't really care and just treat you neutrally.

If you are caucasion you attract more attention and people who are interested in you will treat you a little better. Some of my foreign friends with a Chinese background said they didn't get any special treatment, but they still enjoyed their time.

Chinese people are very direct and to the point. No small talk. If you are ordering a meal you just tell them the meal, they don't care about things like "Hey, how you going?" or even "Hi"
This can make them appear a little rude at times, but its completely normal.

Remember almost no one outside of the campus will speak English - unless they work in a bank/government buildings.
But everyone in campus will have pretty decent English.

If you ask for directions in English, while outside of campus you probably won't get any help - Eventually you can find someone who speaks English. And they should be happy to help.

Don't worry about it, you'll have a great time.
Smile at people and it makes a big difference.  Often there will be some big angry looking Chinese guy looking at me, and I'll smile, then all of a sudden he is smiling and wide eyed looking back at me. Anyone who looks mean or unfriendly is probably just curious.

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Damn! I'm half Chinese, I want the special treatment hahahah xD

Well the english matters doesnt bother that much, it will force me to practice more. Anyway my english is not that good neither :P.


Thanks for share this  useful info! 

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I have been living in Hangzhou for like 10 years. I am fluent in English and Manarian, contact me if you need some advices and information.


Basically, All Chinese are friendly to international guests no matter where they live. So you'll feel the hospitality from Hangzhou peoples whatever you request, even into a frenzy when they realize you are a half.


But many Chinese in Hangzhou are not fluent in English so it would not be much helpful if you want to hold conversation with them opening vista or something.



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