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Translation and Proofreading jobs


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Ok. I've read that now.


Either you are not used to posting online or you are not used to posting online...


If you say that you are looking for proofreading and translation jobs and your posts are big walls of text, don't expect the reader to be patient.


I will now deal with your points:





Even if they are in Chinese, I am sure we could sort it, because we are upper intermediate in Chinese, but with all my browsing of google, baidu and many others, I really couldn't find much thing. 





Its not that I don't welcome critique, but one of the many reasons for which I started the topic is because the advice of someone who has lived here for a long time, is always better and much more appreciated than what we find on baidu, google,etc.


Use baidu maps it will pinpoint loads of companies in Shanghai or all over China. A dozen companies will give you more income and knowledge than all of us blowing off steam here.




. There are many jobs obviously on baidu, but unfortunately, I learned from my experience that you also have to be extremely careful with who you work for. Thus the: 'does anyone know..', from their own experience. Because two years ago, I worked with a school, teaching English ( so obvious, no? ), and when I gave the manager 1month's notice, because I couldn't commute anymore,for 2hours every day, she decided not to pay me ..with a contract and all, so who should I have complained to in this huge country??


Foreigners are easy to cheat. We are naive, trusting and crap at the language and misread the culture. Prepare to get cheated. China is a difficult place to make it. Everyone is on the make. That's why you contact several companies till you find the goodish guys.




And even though, I still stand tall as an optimistic person, I also have my doubts about working as a freelancer in here, because in the end, that's kind of what it is.


Whether you're an optimistic or pessimistic person, try to detach your feelings from your job hunt. It'll be easier in the long run.






There are obviously also serious companies, but who need people full time, and many of them require experience in the field. But when are you ever gonna gain the experience, if nobody is giving you a chance??


Companies above a certain size usually have entrance tests. It is usually part of a project. If you can do it, they sell it and you have just worked for free. But you might get a job out of it. In China I would not really distinguish between non-serious and serious. They all seem pretty crappy at English translation. The difference is merely how many steps a translation goes through before it is returned to the client.


Contact lots of companies and offer to do proofreading. That's step 1.

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she decided not to pay me ..with a contract and all, so who should I have complained to in this huge country


What makes you think that a translation/proofreading job would be any different? Same legal status = same lack of security.

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Most study abroad agencies are offering foreign university PS n CV modification services for application, if u know how to write or modify PS, u can try it (ya college girl so...). I believe its well payed. agencies like New Oriental would need u. 


have a nice day

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Well, Angelina, this was the whole point of this topic. I wanted to know if there are actually people out there, who have an idea of which companies would be the best choice,in order for myself, and I am sure many other like me, not to have to  search blindly on Baidu and  generally geting screwed. I mean don't get me wrong, young people just love challenges, and being put down to the ground all the time.

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My point was that it is more about the legal status of the job than about the nature of the job. I have not met anyone who is not Chinese working as a professional translator/proofreader/editor in China so I can't recommend anything. 


Maybe you can try LinkedIn (the Jobs tab), I have seen some postings that seemed professional. Maybe Indeed too. 

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Obviously, teaching is the easiest way to go, there are infinite schools who are looking for teachers, especially English Teachers. I taught English 2years ago when I lived in Shanghai, but first of all, if you are serious about your job, you are taking a commitment with the school, so you can't just go today, and not go tomorrow, just because you don't feel like doing it anymore.

I absolutely loved teaching, but I also love translating and interpreting, and it would be great if I could start gaining some experience somehow. Because if you don't start from somewhere, it will always be the same problem. If I start teaching now, only because I need the money, next year, or maybe in a couple of months, when I will want to start translating, I will have even less experience.

And now, after 1year of living here, I realize that the bigger the city is, the bigger the problems. And I am sure I am NOT the only one in this situation. That's why I considered to open the topic here, because there are milions of foreigners in China, and I am sure they all have their own experiences, and their own thoughts to share. They will always be people scaming people, everyone taking advantage of a situation, or of a naive person, but I feel that the more people are willing to learn, the less this is likely to happen.

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