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Usage of 这一?


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I've been reading some academic articles recently and I noticed a grammar usage that I hadn't noticed before:


这一目标... ("this aim...")

这一领域... ("this field...")

这一期... ("this period [of time]...")


My question is, is 一 considered a 量词 in this context? Or is it something else?


Does 这一 follow any kind of pattern, or rule? Are there any common collocations of 这一 (就是说,“这一”有哪些固定搭配?)


Also, I wonder if the following constructions would be considered acceptable:






My feeling is that you could express it that way, but perhaps it would sound informal in an academic context. What do you think?


Thanks in advance.

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Really? But if that were the case, it would follow that the full construction would be 这一个目标、这一个领域、这一个期(间) which sounds weird to me.

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