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TVPad questions and answers


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Finally bitten the bullet and ordered a TVPad, which seems to be the way most overseas Hong Kong Chinese access HK and mainland TV channels on their ludicrously oversized flat screen TVs.


Previously I'd been a bit hesitant, as I'm sure it must break numerous copyright infringement laws, but seeing as TVB have shown themselves to be the mouthpiece of an oppressive non-listening government, it's made my decision to infringe their copyright that much easier. 


I'll let you all know how the installation goes.

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It works, and it's very good.


Depending on which app you have installed, there's a live stream of the channel, normally adjusted so it more or less matches your timezone, and an on demand service that allows you to chose which program to watch from the last 3 days.


Available are all the popular Hong Kong, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese channels.


Depending on which retailer you buy it from, you may have to jailbreak it, and install the apps, but most retailers seem to have done this already.


Naturally the TV companies aren't too happy with regards to their channels being shared for free, so you have to go in with your eyes open in that it all could end at any time.  However with 1 million users, I think this thing is too big to stop.


That being said, with regards to watching dramas on tudou or youtube, most of those are illegally hosted and breaking copyright laws too.

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