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Can I use the Xiaomi Box in the Netherlands?


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Hey guys, I'm currently living in China and just bought this Xiao Mi box which I think is very helpful to practice my listening skills. Through this I can watch a lot of Chinese movies and series. Does somebody know if I can use this device the same way when I get back in the Netherlands? Because I really like to use it to watch Chinese movies etc.


Does somebody know? Please tell me :D Thank you!

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My mom was able to use the Skyworth 爱奇艺 box from the US, so I would think that you can use the Xiaomi box outside of China as well. Not all apps worked outside of China, but some of the major ones like 爱奇艺 do work. The Chinese video sites could cut off non-China access at any time in the future, of course.

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Hi guys, I am sorry for this crazy late response. I haven't visited this forum in a while, but want to be active on it again.


Thanks for your replies. I have taken it back to the Netherlands and tried to use it. Like French said, some of the content is blocked because I don't have a Chinese IP. It does work, but far from how great it was in China. Almost everything I try to watch, I get the error that I can't watch it because I am not in China. Too bad :( Only really few things are able to watch. 

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