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Hi there,


Does anyone know if there are any resources for earning Kunminghua on the internet? I'm looking for some good listening resources e.g. a podcast. Preferably with transcripts if they actually exist! I can't even so much as find a kunming radio channel that can be accessed outside of China. My exposure to the dialect comes exclusively from hearing my girlfriend talking on the phone to her family. Thx!

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Definitely nothing academic, but ask your girlfriend to help you search up some past episodes of the 大口马牙 show on Yunnan TV Channel 2. She is the darling of Kunming; everyone here loves her.


Comes on every evening at 5 or 6 and starts with her and a guy (sometimes her husband) reading the news with an off-beat Yunnan-centric twist. Then she and a small handful of colleagues do short skits, usually of a topical nature (something related to the local news.)


Good fun and 90 % in 昆明话 Kunming dialect. Low budget and not "show biz slick." Sometimes they even sort of tease themselves about the dialect by exaggerating it.



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You're welcome.


She's lots of fun. Three or four years ago (maybe more -- time has a way of slipping by) she (马牙) and her co-host got married. It was the talk of the town. A year or so later, they had a baby. Now she and her husband usually take turns hosting the show with various newcomers.


One of the things that makes it enjoyable is that they sometimes light-heartedly poke fun at local customs and traditions; they do it in a way that's funny and doesn't offend anyone. Sometimes it's the way Kunming people 昆明人 pronounce this or that.


Unfortunately, no transcripts. But at least it gets your ear used to the rhythm, phrasing, and such. Lots of words end in gratuitous fourth tones.

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