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Review of "Business Chinese Series - Speak Business Chinese Fluently"

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this all seems a bit formal – I would only speak like this when an outsider comes to the office



Is this because you have a casual office culture? If you speak like friends then do you consider that to be "business chinese" or just regular chinese in an office?


I assume there are a lot of titles (Director Liu and Head of Department Wang and so on) used to give this impression, is that right?  Or is there more to it?


Would there not be phrases like "project plan", "deadline", "return on investment", "cash flow", "profit margin", "advertising channel", "downstream partner" and other things used that are just business vocabulary?

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This was the opinion of a Chinese colleague who had a quick look through the book. There is some useful vocab in there, similar to the examples you suggested. I think our office culture is probably slightly more relaxed than most. My feeling is that his point was simply, if you spoke the sentences as written in there, they would include the useful vocab but also it would sound a little unnatural. I will check with him. 

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