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This is a new online tv channel which will be officially launched on 19.11.2014. This company has been on the news a lot during the past years as, despite its heavy investment, its application for a TV channel licence in HK was denied by the HK Government. The HK Government is regarded by a lot of people as unjust and unfair in rejecting this application, and the company and its owner 王維基 (some people call him Wiki Wong but this is not his name) have got much sympathy and support from the HK people, who are tired of TVB (nicknamed CCTVB) and ATV. Wong tried to work around the laws / bureaucracy but without success. So he has ended up doing an online TV channel.

It seems that many people are quite excited by this online channel (Samsung and other main electronics brands have played up the fact that viewers can watch HKTV on their smarTVs), and the programmes seem quite interesting. Because there is so much publicity, I have also installed its app on my android phone.

It is a Cantonese channel, with traditional Chinese subtitles.

If you are interested, you could take a look. I have no idea if it is accessible outside Hong Kong or on Mainland China.


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Oh wow, thanks! I didn't know they finally got it up! I had been excited about their development for a while, because they seemed to be better than TVB, so I'm glad to hear we can finally watch their shows. I can't wait until they come up!

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HKTV reports that over 640,000 devices watched the channel on launch day.  As viewer numbers went over its expectations, its server / network was not able to cope with the load and many people reported they were not able to watch it.  Someone re-streamed it on UStream and at one time there were over 240,000 watching on ustream alone.



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