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Martial arts in Harbin


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Hello, i have arrived to Harbin 2 months ago and I have not find a good place to train here. In Spain I practiced Sanda, BJJ and Hung Gar but here I only had found Taekwondo places and not really good Muay Thai one, Do you know a good place to train Sanda, MMA, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, etc? I have heard about a gym near the box pub, but the other gyms I had visited did not have any martial arts, just yoga, body pump, etc....

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Do you listen to sinica podcast?

There is an episode on martial arts in China. The guy on it actually just seems to know about MMA. He name drops organizations in various cities in China. Can't remember if Harbin was one. They usually put any links in the comments but didn't for this one.

Take a listen, maybe there will be some leads


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a google search for 哈尔滨 and 散打 gave this youku video:


There's a phone number in there. Hope you speak Chinese or can find someone to help...


This page has an address, not sure if it's the same school or another one.


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I'm pretty sure an Australian guy posted here about martial arts in Harbin two or three months ago. Doing a search might turn it up. He seemed very outgoing and might have some tips on finding the flavor you are seeking.

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