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Wu Wenguang 吴文光 - Chinese Documentaries


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Has anyone heard of the director Wu Wenguang (吴文光)? I really enjoyed his "At Home in the World," which traces the lives of four or five Chinese artists living abroad. One lived a ho-hum domestic life in Palo Alto California. Another sold his painting without a license on the streets of Paris. Still another was living in a remote village in Scandinavia. There were many moving moments in the film.

"Bumming in Beijing" supposedly was about the same group of people while they still lived in China. I'm going to try to see it soon. See #145 on this page: http://www.orientvisual.com/moviespage3.php


《流浪北京---最后的梦想者》("Bumming in Beijing")

《1966,我的红卫兵时代》("1966, My Red Guard Year")

《四海为家》 ("At Home in the World")

He also recently came out with《江湖》.http://www.filmsea.com.cn/newsreel/celebrity/200210250045.htm

I'd love to see it if I can find it.

You can find a video of a talk about filmmaking he gave recently at http://publish.it168.com/2004/1101/20041101502801.shtml

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