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Broccoli and Yunnan Goat Cheese 西兰花炒乳饼


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Thanks for the recipe. I wonder if you could use haloumi as a substitute if you're somewhere without 乳饼. From memory 乳饼 has a similar texture.


Do you find it at all bland with no seasoning other than salt? Have you tried it with soy sauce or oyster sauce?

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I've never eaten haloumi, only Googled it, but sounds like it should work fine. The texture is important, since it shouldn't melt or fall apart when pan fried until golden.


This dish is a little bland. I once saw a recipe that called for a little soy sauce. And broccoli and oyster sauce go famously together, so why not try that as well?


Interesting thing about Yunnan food is that even though it is sometimes spicy-hot, it's usually simple. Here there are only two main flavors, the broccoli and the cheese. Some secondary notes, such as tomato, chilies, garlic, and onion sort of "round it out." 

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Hope it works out well. If I could get haloumi here (Kunming,) I would try it with that variation. Sounds like great stuff, from what I have read.


(One of the things I miss in China is a variety of cheeses.) 

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Since I had half the broccoli and half the goat cheese left, I made it again tonight.


Tried adding a dash of oyster sauce 蚝油。Think it improved it, but it would be easy to add too much and overpower the gentle flavor of the cheese. Seems to me the cheese needs to shine; needs to be the star of the show. Or it at least needs to be paired with equally "forward" flavors, such as broccoli.


Chinese cooking, like many other aspects of Chinese life, prizes balance 平衡 from what I have seen. Seems to be a guiding principle.



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