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For all you native chinese speakers out there...


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For those of you who are native Chinese speakers, what English pronunciations do you find most difficult?

Also, what do you find most helpful in learning English, (for example, English idioms, quotes, reciting words, etc.)?

Just curious...Thanks much!!

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For me, th is quite difficult. sometimes I pronouce th as "s" if when not pay much attention.

I think reading anything you like in English is kind of helpful, I read some fairy tales which are not too long and not too difficult, and recently I try to read more peoms.

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Judging by my mom (who grew up in China/Hong Kong/Switzerland - up until the age of 18, and has spend the last 42 years or so as a US resident)

Plurals - she often adds 's' where there doesn't need to be one (dirts) and omits one where there needs to be one

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Yeah, though you may here retired news anchorman Dan Rather saying it, and you may see it in the dictionary pronunciation key, it is definitely lost among middle age and younger speakers, Especially in ebonics.

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