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HSK 4 urgent Help Needed. My reading is very slow but exam is after 5 days.


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My HSK 4 exam is after 5 days but my reading is very slow please share all the tips you can to help improve my reading. I am facing a lot of problems in the part where i have to read a small passage and choose the right option I have even tried reading the question first then reading the passage but I have failed but if I just read the paragraph and then solve the answers i get correct answers but run out of time. Soo confused please help  :wall .

And yeah I have one more question in the past papers i am solving i get an average of 30-35 out of 100 questions wrong does this mean i will pass my HSK or not ???  :help

Thanks a million to all those who have helped before and to all those who will help now  :clap

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1. Relax;


2. During the exam, don't waste too much time on every single question. If it looks too difficult and confusing, move on;


3. Watch some Chinese comedies with Chinese subtitles. You will relax while practising your reading. Also, you will improve your reading speed because the subtitles are moving constantly. 


4. Even if you don't pass, big deal. At least you will have some fun and laugh while watching the comedies. 

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5 days isn't too much time ... I'd probably just keep doing practice papers. Try and do at least 1 a day or 2 if you can take it.


You might also fine HSK level reading material or exercises online that would help you practice too (popup chinese has some I think).


I probably wouldn't bother with TV as the vocab is unlikely to be too focused on your exam. If you had more time then it could be a good idea, although I would say TV is usually for listening skills rather than reading.

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