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Not sure about HSK 4 score calculation method.


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Okay so I took almost 3 past tests and i got almost 30-35 out of 100 questions wrong i thought that meant i passed but my teacher told me otherwise. So I am pretty confused about how to calculate my score because i have spent hours trying to find how many marks each question carries but i could not find anything relevant. So please help me by telling me how much score do i get if get 65 correct answers and how did you calculate it. thanks buddies  =*

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Hi Fatima! The short answer is that nobody knows how they calculate your score: they won't tell you how many right and wrong answers you got, only the final score, so we can only speculate. For instance, in HSK 2 阅读 I scored 99/100, but that part had only 25 questions, and 24/25 would mean 96%, not 99%. This question was discussed in this thread, read post #14, where edelweiss suggests a calculation method that would explain those scores: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/37160-correspondance-between-hsk-score-and-actual-correct-answers/

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