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hard to find character


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It is a Chữ Nôm meaning 'module' or 'box' (maritime), according to Sky Darmos. He offered these example compounds:


~船 khoang tuyền – deck (ship)

~梩 khoang lái – cockpit

~航 khoang hàng – hold (in a ship)

~行李 khoang hành lý – hold (in a plane)


From what I know, this character does not exist in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

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It's an ancient writing,not used anymore,you can only find in the poetry.

According to the context,it probably has the same meaning as "船"(ship).

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Thanks a lot! Never heard of Chu Nom before! We have a teacher from Vietnam, but she did not recognize the character. I suppose Chu Nom is a special study.


And thanks for the unihan link, I've book marked it for future reference. My Chinese bookmarks folder is getting rather large!

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The French imperialists abolished characters in Vietnam and forced their own Romanisation scheme on their colonial subjects. Some people, like Sky Darmos, are still literate in Vietnamese mixed script (Hán Nôm 漢喃), which basically uses Chữ Nôm {宁字}喃 for native words and Hán Tự 漢字 for Sino-Vietnamese words (similar to Korean mixed script).

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Dien Bian Phu put a stop to that!


Thanks again, really feel I have learnt something!


Anyone who wants these fonts and does not have them can download them from sourceforge:


sourceforge.net/projects/vietunicode/files/hannom/hannom v2005/


If you use Linux, put them in /usr/share/fonts and enter


sudo fc-cache -fv on the command line

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