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I'd translate '谁也别 . . . ‘ as 'Nobody . . .'

It looks a lot simpler when you change 别 to 不要 and then it follows the pattern of more common sentences like

我什么都不想吃 (I don't want to eat anything)

他哪儿也没出过 (He hasn't been anywhere)

谁也不要请客 - (Nobody pay for anyone else)


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Don't tell anyone,keep it's a secret.


She said she wished nobody ill.


I beg that neither of you say anything more.


No skiving off now,everyone must stay till the job is finished.


He was the sharp,clever boy who wasn't to be taken for a ride by anybody.


Somebody's been interfering with my papers again.I do wish everyone would leave them alone,I have them carefully organized.

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