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Is it possible to leave my university but keep my X1 visa to take private classes in Shanghai?


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First, the background.  I have a X1 Visa and a Confucius scholarship and am currently studying in Kunming, but unfortunately the classes are sufficiently terrible that I'm willing to give up my scholarship and would like to find somewhere to take one on one classes next semester.  I have some friends in Shanghai, so I'm hoping to move there.


So my questions are:


1)  Can I transfer the remaining 7 months left on my X1 Visa to another University or Private Language School in Shanghai to take 1 on 1 classes?  If so, how does that work?  Or does it not work and I would need to leave and reapply for a visa?


2) Is there such a thing as affordable one-one-classes (obviously it'll be more expensive than group classes, but nothing exorbitant), from a school that offers Visa support, or is this not possible to find?  The private classes that I've seen, don't seem to come with a visa of any sort.  Can anyone give me any suggestions?


Thanks for any insight!

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I think if you want to transfer to other school, you would probably need to apply for the school first. If the school gives you offer, and with the offer, apply for X1 visa again.I am not sure whether you can apply in China or have to go back your own country to apply.


Private classes do not have qualification to offer visa support. My advice would be apply for an official university which can give you visa support, and find a private Chinese teacher to teach you at the same time if you want you consolidate what you have learnt from school .


Here is a visa notice from Tsinghua University, there is some useful information, you can check



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Hi Oldoutsider, 


I just want to correct maomao2014 and say some private schools can provide X1 visa. We can do up to a one year student visa but I think it might be better to speak with one of the guys here so if you want to drop down to our school you can figure it out http://www.snmandarin.com/ . As far as I know if you have a residence permit in your passport you are safe until it runs out but you may have issue when you reapply for the following year 

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