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Questions about some sentences


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1) ”在所有的画里面,曹霸最喜欢话吗了,有的。。。,有的,。。。“

In this sentence, what is the meaning or use of "所"? Why is it in there? I think I can understand it without "所". Does it indicate a special meaning or mark a special grammatical function?

2) 后来杜甫的诗演变为成语“别开生面”,比喻另外开创新的局面。

What is meaning and function of 为 in the sentance, and then what does that idiom mean. Text said it comes from a line of poetry of Du Fu's, when he said 将军下笔开生面 about Cao Ba's paintings. I understand what Du Fu said, but I don't understand the idiom up above.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

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