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Wandoujian Toufu Soup 豌豆尖豆腐汤


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Are 豆苗 the same as 豌豆尖?  I did an image search, and they both looked green to me :-)


One site I found says that "豌豆尖是豌豆枝蔓的尖端" and "豆苗 ...是豌豆的嫩茎和嫩叶"; I guess my Chinese isn't good enough to know the difference between 枝蔓 and 茎+叶.

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Are 豆苗 the same as 豌豆尖?  I did an image search, and they both looked green to me :-)


After a closer look, I'm not sure they are identical. 豆苗 look more like what English speakers would call bean shoots. One can buy them in the markets here next to the wandoujian. We also have another similar, shorter item that is locally called 豆芽。 Neither of these have the tough, wiry tips. So maybe it's more than just a regional difference in naming conventions.


This is what I come up with for 豆苗。




Can you find these and similar greens in Washington? Wouldn't surprise me, with a cool and moist climate. Same goes for the mushrooms.

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My wife calls them 豆苗; since she's Cantonese, maybe it is regional.


You can find them when in season at the more authentic Chinese restaurants around here; I don't cook, so I so never check in markets :-)   Them and 空心菜/蕹菜 are my favorite "more Chinese" vegetables that can be found around here.

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I like 空心菜 too. Maybe next time I will make it with that. The prep would be quicker since one would not have to deal with the tough, wiry shoots.


I've been taught (for quasi-magical TCM reasons) not to mix spinach and tofu. So that is out as an alternative vegetable.

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