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Key Insights 3: Abe and the Japanese/ISIS Hostage Crisis


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关键洞察力_20150128: 反恐 安倍如何抉择?





This one is mainly about the taking of two Japanese hostages (人质 )by ISIS (伊斯兰国极端组织) (unfortunately things have moved on since the programme was broadcast, and the Jordanian pilot and the other Japanese hostage have both been executed).


After giving the usual historical and background info and analysing Abe's performance, the show moves on to other countries' reactions to hostage taking (including one particularly 牛逼 story of how the KGB (克格勃) dealt with a hostage crisis in Lebanon in the 80's. After that it broadens it's scope to cover Japan's diplomatic policy in Middle East in general, and then looks at Japan's relations with it's near neighbours (especally China), and wonders whether or not this might be a more important  area for Japan to focus it energy on (当务之急).


I ran out of time again this week, so could only create questions for the first half of the programme.

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Essential vocab.


人质        ren2zhi4                  hostage
劫持        jie2chi2                    kidnap (also 绑架)
磋商        cuo1shang1            consult, exchange views
赎 / 赎金    shu2jin1                ransom
期限        qi1xian4                   deadline
营救        ying2jiu4                  rescue
谴责        qian3ze2                  condemn, denounce
极端组织    ji2duan1zu3zhi1    extremist group
被俘        bei4fu2                    taken  prisoner
常态化        chang2tai4hua4    normalization of relations
绑架者        bang3jia4zhe3     kidnapper
炒作        chao3zuo4              to spin (in the media)
维和        wei2he2                  peacekeeping
大屠杀        da4tu2sha1         Holocaust
厌恶        yan4wu4                 be disgusted with


进退两难    jin4tui4liang3nan2    be in a dilemma (difficult to advance or retreat)
错误百出    cuo4wu4bai3chu1    riddled with errors
绳之以法    sheng2zhi1yi3fa3    bring to justice
殃及池鱼    yang1ji2chi2yu2    to be affected by a neighbours crisis
当务之急    dang1wu4zhi1ji2    a top priority, most pressing matter

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Part 1: Opening video

遇害        yu4hai4        be murdered
未卜        wei4bu3        unable to predict, unable to say
(生死未卜 hard to tell whether a person is dead or alive)
饱受        bao3shou4        suffer enough from, have one's fill of
执政        zhi2zheng4        be in power (of a government)
人质        ren2zhi4        hostage
进退两难    jin4tui4liang3nan2    be in a dilemma (difficult to advance or retreat)
烫手山芋    tang4shou3shan1yu4    hot potato (problem)
约旦        yue1dan4        Jordan
凸显        tu1xian3        reveal clearly
妄图        wang4tu2        try in vain
奥妙        ao4miao2        subtle and profound
玄机        xuan2ji1        arcane truth
收效        shou1xiao4        bear fruit (show results)
格局        ge2ju2        structure
近距离        jin4ju4li2        close range
是非曲直    shi4fei1qu1zhu2    rights and wrongs, truths and falsehoods
磋商        cuo1shang1        consult, exchange views
抉择        jue2ze2        to choose

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Part 2: Presenter's intro

苦苦哀求    ku3ku3ai1qiu2    to entreat piteously
赎 / 赎金    shu2            ransom
期限        qi1xian4        deadline
妥协        tuo3xie2        to compromise
讳莫如深    hui4mo4ru2shen1    closely guarded secret

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Part 3: Expert's analysis

崇尚        chong2shang4    advocate
局部        ju2bu4        part
触犯        chu4fan4        offend, violate
斥        chi4            ????
巨资        ju4zi1        a large sum (of money)
挽救        wan3jiu4        rescue
声浪        sheng1lang4        voice, clamour
石原慎太郎    shi2yuan2shen4tai4lang2        governor of Tokyo since 1999
营救        ying2jiu4        rescue
谴责        qian3ze2        condemn, denounce

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Part 4: Video

极端组织    ji2duan1zu3zhi1    extremist group
被俘        bei4fu2        taken prisoner
音讯        yin1xun4        message
拖延        tuo1yan2        delay, postpone
坠落        zhui4luo4        fall
内阁        nei4ge2        cabinet (government)
首相        shou3xiang4        prime minister
官邸        guan1di3        official residence
挟持        xie2chi2        hold under duress
中尉        zhong1wei4        lieutenant
疑似        yi2si4        doubtful
斩首        zhan3shou3        decapitate
关押        guan1ya1        put in prison
屈服        qu1fu2        yield
呼吁        hu1yu4        appeal
劫持        jie2chi2        kidnap
错误百出    cuo4wu4bai3chu1    riddled with errors
示威        shi4wei1        demonstrate
端倪        duan1ni2        inkling, predict
消极        xiao1ji2        negative
千叶县        qian1ye4xian4    Chiba, Japan
右翼        you4yi4        right-wing (politics)
奔赴        ben1fu4        rush to
拘捕        ju1bu3        arrest
履历        lv3li4        CV, personal record
特征        te4zheng1        trait
制式        zhi4shi4        standard, system
肩扛        jian1kang2        carry on the shoulder
简氏防务周刊    Jian3shi4fang2wu4zhou1kan1    Jane's defense weekly
援引        yuan2yin3        to cite, quote
黎巴嫩        li2ba1nen4        Lebanon
优质        you1zhi4        top quality
直线        zhi2xian4        steep (rise or fall)
巷战        xiang4zhan4        street fighting
装甲        zhuang1jia3        armoured
清晰        qing1xi1        clearly
叛军        pan4jun1        rebel forces
亡命之徒    wang2ming4zhi1tu2    desperado
绑架者        bang3jia4zhe3    kidnapper
循环        xun2huan2        cycle
敲诈        qiao1zha4        blackmail
基地组织    ji1di2zu3zhi1    Al-Queda
及其        ji2qi2        as well as
分支        fen1zhi1        branch, subdivision
虐杀        nve4sha1        torture to death
领袖        ling3xiu4        leader
隐蔽        yin3bi4        conceal
依次        yi1ci4        one after another
除此之外    chu2ci3zhi1wai1    apart from this
绑匪        bang3fei3        kidnapper
国情咨文    guo2qing2zi1wen2    state of the union address
棘手        ji2shou3        troublesome

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Part 4 Questions


A 美国
B 沙特
C 日本
D 约旦

A 一亿美元的赎金
B 约旦必须停止对伊斯兰国的战役
C 释放关押在约旦的女囚
D 安倍必须辞职

A 安倍没有按时支付赎金
B 安倍召开记者会时站在以色列国旗前发表讲话
C 安倍向约旦求援
D 安倍与英国首相举行电话会议

A 记者
B 外交官
C 武器商人
D 用兵

A AK-47步枪
B PK机枪
C T-72坦克
D RPG-7火箭筒

A 1300英镑
B 1500英镑
C 720英镑
D 1000英镑

A 欧洲的
B 美国的
C 日本的
D 阿拉伯的

A 绑架然后威胁恐怖分子的领导
B 支付赎金
C 袭击恐怖分子
D 交换囚犯

A 美国
B 西班牙
C 日本
D 法国

T or F

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Part 5: studio discussion

突如其来    tu1ru2qi2lai2    appear out of nowhere, sudden
纪律        ji4lv4        discipline
预案        yu4an4        contingency plan
及格        ji2ge2        pass (a test)
机制        ji1zhi4        mechanism
恳谈        ken3tan2        talk sincerely
应急        ying4ji2        meet an emergency
国安局        guo2an1ju2        National Security Bureau
拘泥        ju1ni4        rigidly adhere to form/formalities
阵脚        zhen4jiao3        situation
以柔克刚    yi3rou2ke4gang1    use softness to conquer strength
中庸        zhong1yong1        the golden mean
不妥        bu4tuo3        not proper
高调        gao1diao4        lofty tone
并肩        bing4jian1        shoulder to shoulder
行凶者        xing2xiong1zhe3    perpetrator
绳之以法    sheng2zhi1yi3fa3    bring to justice
果断        guo3duan4        decisive, resolute
群情        qun2qing2        public sentiment

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Part 5 Questions


A 日本政府没有跟伊斯兰国妥协
B 日本政府好像没有什么预案
C 日本政府优柔寡断
D 日本政府不够掌控信息

T or F

A 开放
B 喜欢按部就班
C 不怕恐怖分子
D 勇敢

A 韩国
B 中国
C 朝鲜
D 台湾

5) 在伊斯兰国极端组织发布了一名人质被害的消息之后奥巴马没有表示什么?
A 缉拿归纳行凶者的愿望
B 想继续打击伊斯兰国的愿望
C 谴责
D 无可奈何

A 将杀了本人质的行凶者绳之以法
B 削弱和最终摧毁伊斯兰国极端组织
C 保证日本不要单独地采取行动
D 保护在中东的美国人

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Part 6: Break and post break intro

派遣           pai4qian3               dispatch, send
无可厚非    wu2ke3hou4fei1    give little cause for criticism, not altogether unjustifiable
阀门           fa2men2                 valve

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Part 7: video
立即        li4ji2             immediately
信赖        xin4lai4        have faith in
披露        pi1lu4           announce
落脚        luo4jiao3      to stop over, stay for a while
斡旋        wo4xuan2     mediate
毗邻        pi2lin2            border with
殃及池鱼    yang1ji2chi2yu2    to be affected by a neighbours crisis
沸沸扬扬    fei4yang2      (of feelings, sounds etc) to boil over
竭力        jie2li4                 to do one's utmost
归功        gui1gong1        give the credit to
优先        you1xian1        take precedence
搜集        sou1ji2               hunt high and low for
隶属于        li4shu3yu2        be under the command of
侦察        zhen1cha2        reconnoitre
顾忌        gu4ji4                 scruples, misgivings
引咎辞职    yin3jiu4ci2zhi2    admit responsibility and resign

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Part 7 Questions


A 约旦是一个伊斯兰的国家
B 约旦和伊斯兰国的关系很亲密
C 约旦毗邻伊拉克,希利亚和以色列和巴勒斯谈
D 约旦是伊斯列最好的盟友

T or F

A 孩子们都会说日语
B 阿杰朗的人民对日本的印象不错
C 阿杰朗孩子们的考试成绩是约旦的最好的
D 小学孩子们喜欢唱日本儿歌
T or F

A 法国
B 联邦德国
C 英国
D 美国

T or F

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Part 8: studio discussion

炒作        chao3zuo4        to spin (in the media)
维和        wei2he2        peacekeeping
后勤        hou4qin2        logistics
协调        xie2tiao2        coordinate
姿态`        zi1tai4        posture, stance
共享        gong4xiang3        to share
安保        an1bao3        maintain security
条约        tiao2yue1        pact, treaty
瘫痪        tan1huan4        paralysis
慎重        shen4zhong4        carefully
推测        tui1ce4        conjecture
布局        bu4ju2        opening, start (in chess)

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Part 9: intro and expert analysis

草草        cao3cao3        hastily
谶           chen4               prophecy
核电        he2dian4         nuclear power
彰显        zhang1xian3    manifest
声明        sheng1ming2   announce, declare
大屠杀    da4tu2sha1      Holocaust
绝非        jue2fei1           absolutely not

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Part 10: video

重组        chong2zu3        reorganize (in this case a cabinet reshuffle 重组内阁)
声援        sheng1yuan2        support (表达声援)
相互策应    xiang1hu4ce4ying4    coordinated action
延续        yan2xu4        continuation
抑制        yi4zhi4        restrain
不吝        bu4lin4        be generous with (paraise etc)
率先        shuai4xian1        be the first to
海湾        hai3wan1        Persian Gulf
介入        jie4ru4        get invloved
非常任        fei1chang2ren2    non-permanent
理事国        li3shi4guo2        member of ther UN Security Council
席位        xi2wei4        seat (in a legislative assembly)
铺路        pu1lu4        to pave a road
摩擦        mo2ca1        conflict
希伯来        xi1bo2lai2        Hebrew
重申        chong2shen1        reiterate
纳粹        na4cui4        Nazi
忏悔        chan4hui3        to repent

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Part 11: studio discussion

闪耀        shan3yao4                 to glitter, shine
不言自明    bu4yan2zi4ming2    self-evident
筹码        chou2ma3                  bargaining chip
卷入        juan3ru4                    get involved in
法西斯        fa3xi1si1                fascist
史观        shi3guan1                 historical point of view
厌恶        yan4wu4                   be disgusted with

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Part 12: intro and video

碰壁        peng4bi4        be rebuffed
共识        gong4shi2        common understanding
切合        qie4he2        suitable
外务省        wai4wu4sheng3    (Japanese) Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
审议        shen3yi4        to review, deliberate (of a committee etc)
重启        chong2qi3        to reboot, restart
相隔        xiang1ge2        sepearated by
着实        zhuo2shi2        indeed, really
迹象        ji4xiang4        indication
数据        shu4ju4        data
拦截        lan2jie2        intercept
常态化        chang2tai4hua4    normalization of relations
巡逻        xun2luo2        to patrol
警戒        jing3jie4        keep a close watch on
分歧        fen1qi2        to diverge, difference
依旧        yi1jiu4        as before, still
运营        yun4ying2        to operate, run
一如既往    yi1ru2ji4wang3    as in the past
谢罪        xie4zui4        apologise for a offense
村山富市    cun1shan1fu4shi4    Tomiichi Murayama, former Japanese prime minister
官房长官    guan1fang2zhang3guan1    chief cabinet secretary (Japan)
敦促        dun1cu4        to urge

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Part 13: Studio discussion

协商        xie2shang1            talk things over
交涉        jiao1she4                negotiate
不足为怪    bu4zu2wei2guai4    not at all surpising
立场        li4chang3                 position, standpoint
牵涉        qian1she4                to involve
对峙        dui4zhi4                   confront each other
拗           ao                             defy
亚太        ya4tai4                     Asia-Pacific
卡壳        qia3ke2                    get jammed, get stuck
自知之明    zi4zhi1zhi1ming2    knowledge of oneself
当务之急    dang1wu4zhi1ji2    a top priority, most pressing matter

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