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Working Cantonese IME sought (please help!)


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Hi all,

I am desperately looking for a working Cantonese IME. After going through tons of broken links (don't suggest to google), useless popup "download sites", and some programs that don't work on a Western PC, I realized I won't be able to get it without someone's help. Trouble is I am not good with Chinese to be able to read the download instructions too and English language couldn't give me anything useful.

I need a phonetic word processor, based on a Cantonese pronunciation (Jyutping, Yale, Lau, whatever). E.g. I type in keuih and select a character 佢. I'd prefer the one with English interface but can with a Chinese one, as long as it works on my PC and I don't see funny characters instead of Chinese.

Someone mentioned 紫光拼音 (ziguang pinyin). I couldn't find a good working download site.


1) Microsoft IME - doesn't not support all Cantonese characters. Taiwanese IME can't use Cantonese phonetic.

2) NJStar can be used to input Cantonese to a ceartain extent but it doesn't know the pure Cantonese characters: e.g. 哋 and 嘅.

3) The Hong Kong input utility is not phonetical, I can't use it.

4) I also tried a Red Dragon Input - I only had question marks for characters, maybe it only works on a Chinese PC.

Your help is appreciated.


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