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I want to be an english tutor.


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I am going to Nanjing this fall, and I will need money to survive, and not die. I know there is a big demand for English teachers in china. I do not have a degree and I know it is illegal to work in china without one. I do not plan on working for a company, or school. I want to tutor kids and university students. How much should I charge? How can I stay out of trouble? What are some good books and websites I can use to make lessons and brush up on my grammar. Any advice will be appreciated. Also does it help if I am American and a native English speaker?

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It is illegal to work without the correct papers. You cannot get the correct papers if you are unqualified. End of story. Whether you are working for a company or school or privately makes no difference. The law applies to everyone including Americans.


One recommended way to stay out of trouble is not to break the law.


There was one idiot here in Liuzhou who stuck advertisements all over the city offering private tuition. He even stuck one on the wall of the police station which issues visas. He was deported within a few days.

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if are here to study on an X visa of some kind, i believe you can work part time with permission from your school. In Beijing, a lot of students work part time tutoring and did so before they could legally. Here it's pretty easy, just go online and find a tutoring company, have an interview then they'll find you students. The students pay the school directly so you earn less but you don't have to advertise. I guess, technically, if the school was raided or something they'd have your name on file etc etc


Otherwise, tend to agree with Luizhou.

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